May 11, 2021

HotSpot Shield Review: Guide, Price, Uses, Security

A Virtual Private Network or VPN allows you to change your IP address to a more secure server. A VPN masks your original online identity and helps you in being anonymous online. It allows you to create a secure connection to a different network on the internet. A Vpn tries to forward all traffic to a network that is more secure and this reaps a lot of benefits like accessing local network resources & bypassing the strict internet censorship/ restriction laws. A HotSpot Shield Review shows you the correct way to use it and how this VPN compatible with all the devices .

HotSpot Shield Review

A VPN can connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to somewhere on the internet where that particular internet connection is secure. It allows you to surf on the internet by tricking the platforms into recording a false data of your location and also masks all your private data

You can use a VPN to: 

  1. Bypass geographical barriers for restricted content
  2. Streaming online content where the websites are blocked
  3. Protecting your data from malicious WIFI hotspots
  4. Gain anonymity by covering up your original location
  5. Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting

Hotspot Shield is one of the best vpns available in the market and offers numerous services and features. We have performed a complete HotSpot Shield Review which help you decide if this is the most optimal VPN as per your needs or not. 

Hotspot Shield Android

Hotspot Shield is compatible with android and has the following features:

Hotspot Shield Android

  1. Unblocks all streaming sites 
  2. Gives unrestricted access to mobile VOIP, Skype and Viber
  3. Secures Wi-Fi 
  4. Prevents hackers from getting your information
  5. Browsing net privately
  6. Highly compatible with android
  7. Has fixed auto shield

Hotspot Shield is thus highly suitable to be used on android.

Hotspot shield vpn for pc

Hotspot Shield for windows

Hotspot Shield is a versatile and omni-compatible vpn software and works well with any type of personal computer. It offers the following services for PC:

  1. Anonymous web surfing
  2. Protection of IP address
  3. Protecting device from malware attacks
  4. Unblock sites and secure web session
  5. Automatic switch kill
  6. One click connection
  7. Strong encryption

It does not matter if you are looking for Hotspot Shield for windows or any other operating system for your PC, Hotspot Shield manages to perform optimally. With Hotspot Shield you can connect up to five devices simultaneously. 

HotSpot Shield Price

 Hotspot Shield offers a 15 GB data free per month but to get access to features beyond that you need to purchase the packages.

Hotspot Shield



It offers the following packages:

  1. 1 month plan – 12.99 $ per month
  2. 1 year plan – 5.99 $ per month
  3. 3 year plan – 2.99 $ per month

Hotspot Shield vpn elite

Hotspot Shield vpn elite is a premium software offered by the makers of Hotspot Shield and has the following features:

  1. Smart protection automatically turns the vpn on and off based on the network’s security level so you do not need to turn it on and off every time.
  2. You can selectively protect/unblock sites & apps of your choice.
  3. Secure your Wi-Fi connection with HTTPS encryption

Hotspot Shield is a safe and secure vpn that allows P2P torrenting, has a kill switch and browser extension, and some logging for the log files. It is easy to install and comes with a set of easy to follow instructions even if one is a beginner. Their website also has steps for guidance that will help you in installing the application in an instant.  It is fast, user-friendly and the services are superb. It also offers a team of experts who will help you out with regards to any vpn issue that you might face. Overall., its is a highly recommendable vpn service and one should definitely consider this as an option while purchasing it.



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