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A VPN software is a mechanism that allows you to create an encrypted and private connection over a device that has an internet connection. This VPN platform was created in order to enable the users in protecting their online information from being misused.  And here in this blog, we talk about the best VPN for Firefox.

Being on the internet is all fun and games until somebody uses your data against you. Using an unsafe browser is like willingly handing over your data to a hacker and then expecting them to not exploit you.

Thankfully, a VPN Firefox can help you mask your browser traffic and thus hackers don’t get their hands on your personal data. A VPN not only secures your connection but also hides your IP address and allows you to access blocked websites and bypass the censorship in any country. 

Mozilla Firefox has FOSS (free open source software) nature and impressive security chops that make it a great choice for a browser even today. This browser also supports a variety of excellent add-ons which allow you to manage cookies, block ads and more. In such a case, selecting the right kind of vpn provider will act like the cherry on the top in terms of safe and secure browsing. There is a sea of VPNs in the market and to choose one that fits you, becomes tough since all the VPNs offer different levels of protection and services at different rates. So help you find the right one as per your needs we have compiled a list of the Best VPN for Firefox:


ExpressVPN Review

Expressvpn is a VPN Firefox software that is an all-rounder in its services. It has more than 3000 servers in 160 server locations in 94 countries. This vpn is a solid software for Firefox as the vpn extension Firefox is simple and effective. You only need to select a server, check your VPN status and choose to connect the browser. It supports 3 simultaneous connections. It does not have a free trial but does have a 30 day money back guarantee. The cost is:

  • 12 months: $6.67 /month
  • 6 months: $9.99 /month
  • 1 month: $12.95 /month

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield VPN review Final

The Hotspot Shield extension is a free vpn firefox and comes with a completely free unlimited bandwidth. Its is one of the top choices for VPN Firefox software  as only one simple click is all it takes to connect to a suitable server. In the In configuration options, the server choice is limited to four but the vpn extension Firefox is not ad-supported. It has 2500+ servers across 25 server locations with the option to connect 5 devices simultaneously. Hotspot Shield also has paid packs with added services that start from 12.99$ per month.


zenmate vpn

 Zenmate is a highly user-friendly vpn extension Firefox software and is very easy-to-use and highly basic in nature. It has a simple option to connect or disconnect and a change of location. It’s important to note that the vpn addon Firefox is free but only four locations are available at your disposal. The paid plan however can get you a complete access to all servers. ZenMate is optimal in its speed and does not track any IP or connection data. The premium packs fetch you more server locations and an automatic switching of locations. It gives malware blocking and tracking protection services. The paid packages that are available are:

  • $9.99 a month for 1-month
  • $8.49 a month  for 6-months making it a total of $53.99
  • $5.99 a month  for 1-year making it a total of $71.99


windscribe vpn review

This is the best free vpn firefox in the market and has more than 540 servers in 100+ locations. It offers a free plan of 10 GB data per month along with no limit for the number of device connections. It has a great speed, with only a 10% reduction in the original download and upload speed. The performance on longer distances was not optimal as the speed was much slower and the connections were inconsistent. The vpn extension Firefox has some intriguing options like various connection modes, link generator for secure connections along with the ability to remove all social media buttons and blocking the tracking.

The extension is also regularly updated and there is no logging of historical sessions and no record of IP addresses. The packages available are:

    • Free
    • 1 Pro Plan: Monthly plan – $9.00 per month
    • 2 Pro Plan: Yearly plan $49 – $4.08 per month
    • 3 Pro Plan: Biennial plan $89 – $3.70 per month

Invisible Browsing VPN

ibvpn review

This is the most affordable software for VPN Firefox and has 180+ servers in 63 server locations and number of devices supported range from 1-5. It offers a 24-hour trial and the speed is optimal for shorter distances. The vpn extension Firefox is an easy set up that requires a single click to connect. The packages that are available are:

  • Standard VPN Plan [$3.08 a month] 1-year – $36.95 (or $4.95 billed monthly)
  • Torrent VPN Plan [$3.08 a month] 1-year – $36.65 (or $4.95 billed monthly)
  • IBDNS/SmartDNS Plan [$3.08 a month] 1-year – $36.65 (or $4.95 billed monthly)
  • Ultimate VPN  Plan[$4.83 a month] 2-years – $58.06 (or $10.95 billed monthly) 

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