August 3, 2021

Best VPN for Torrenting – Top Torrent VPN to Use

In case you’re wondering whether using Torrents is a crime, then let us tell you that it is not. But if you’re using VPN to download pirated material, then that is definitely a crime. And in some countries, people have also been to jails for that. In this blog, we’re going to tell you the Best VPN for Torrenting which can save you from troubles. Also, make sure that this blog is just for knowledge purposes only and we do NOT recommend you to do any unethical activities. Check out the Top Torrent VPN to use.

Regardless of the best efforts of governments and internet providers, downloading music, films, and video games by using torrenting is still incredibly popular. A torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed and also a list of the network locations. And the rise of torrenting has also meant a rise in the popularity of Torrent VPN downloads.

Of course, we don’t promote any copyright-trampling activities, but we do worry about your safety when you’re trying to watch stuff online. And, on the privacy note, all these other online folks you’re sharing files with, can clearly see your IP address. So if you want to avoid that and retain your obscurity, then we’d recommend using one of the best options that we’ve listed below to ensure that your details stay private. And in order to do that, you need the Top Torrent VPN that helps you in this process.

Virtual Private Networks questions all support torrents but not every VPN out there does and we’re here to tell you the best VPN for BitTorrent in 2019.


ExpressVPN Review

The software’s unique split tunneling feature for Windows users is certainly worth mentioning as it allows users to choose how to protect their torrent VPN client. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Bittorrent


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a  Torrent friendly VPN. CyberGhost is a very good client when it comes to free VPN torrenting. It’s really good that it automatically connects to a P2P compatible server and then activates the most reasonable settings to speed up as well as to protect your downloads.


windscribe vpn review

Windscribe is good for VPN and torrent both. One of the features that makes Windscribe the Best VPN out in the market is the fact that a single subscription covers you for unlimited devices. So if you do your torrenting  for downloading or whatever reason you use your VPN for on multiple devices, Windscribe lets you keep adding more and more. In addition, P2P is supported on most servers. 


nordvpn best vpn

NordVPN is the best free VPN for torrenting. It uses shared IP addresses, and bandwidth is unlimited. Torrenting is explicitly permitted. A proxy, encrypted chat, and self-destructing encrypted notes are extra features included in each subscription. NordVPN can also unblock a field of geo-locked streaming services including Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. 

VPN torrent download

Below are the steps for downloading a Torrent VPN. 

  1. Install a VPN with P2P-optimized servers. We have recommended NordVPN for the best security.
  2. Open the VPN app and connect to a high-speed server in your country.
  3. Download a fast, reliable BitTorrent client.
  4. Head to one of the recommended torrent websites, download your file and enjoy it.

Free VPN for Torrenting

We recommend these 5 best VPN for Torrenting:

  1. ExpressVPN

Best VPN for torrenting. Great speeds, keeps no logs, kill switch and easy to use on all devices

  1. NordVPN – Best budget VPN for torrent users. No logs and offers specific servers for torrenting
  2. Cyberghost – No logs with great connection speeds
  3. IPVanish – Network designed for torrenting but it doesn’t unblock Netflix
  4. PrivateVPN – It is a Great up-and-coming VPN with no logs and extremely fast connections

Best VPN for anonymous torrent download:

Best VPN for Torrenting

The phrase Anonymous Torrents is used (and misused) all over the internet. Here’s what it means to us for the purposes of this guide:

Torrenting Anonymously Means: Using privacy software, security settings, and other tools to make it difficult or impossible for a 3rd-party to trace your BitTorrent activity (uploads/downloads) back to you.

In order to have truly anonymous torrent, you must have:

  1. An anonymous IP Address. (Public BitTorrent IP address is different from your true IP address)
  2. Encrypted Data Transfer – This prevents anyone (including your internet provider) from seeing your internet activity
  3. Anonymous Web Browsing – Your browsing history, specifically torrent related web browsing, cannot be traced back to your true IP address

Using VPN for Torrenting

There are following steps involved in the process of VPN for torrent:

Step 1: Sign up for the VPN and follow the instructions for the device on which you plan to use uTorrent. You’ll be up and running in a few minutes.

Step 2: Connect to any of VPN server available locations in 94 countries or let Smart Location choose the optimal location for your network.

Step 3: Download uTorrent from the official site. Then, open uTorrent application with the VPN turned on and start torrenting with peace of mind.

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