August 3, 2021
betternet vpn review

Betternet Review: Buy, Speed, Security, Safety, Coupons

Every internet user wonders if their password or personal information is safe or not. The best way to ensure the safety and security of one’s online data in today’s date is by making use of a VPN. A Virtual private network maintains the online stability of people by keeping their information safe, secure, and anonymous. In this blog, let’s check out the Betternet Review, which is also another type of VPN device.

There are many hackers and frauds present on the internet, which use the platform of the internet for false and illicit purposes that can exploit people through their data. A VPN aims to protect users from these people.

Betternet VPN allows remote users to ingress to corporate resources which is one of the biggest objectives of VPN. With the help of Betternet, nobody will be able to track your location keeping you secure to allow you to do anything online.

Betternet VPN proxy helps its customers to send the internet connection through a separate server in order to reduce the threat of being tracked. Betternet for windows no doubt is one of the most anonymous, transparent and safe multi-platform.

If you are not aware of what a VPN is and you’ll be using it for the first time then Betternet is the best option available.Betternet VPN proxy

Betternet Review

Here are some of the points that describe Betternet in a more comprehensive way.

Betternet Review: Cost

Betternet’s premium service pricing varies on where you purchase your Betternet Premium subscription from: If you decide to purchase your subscription directly from the website then the prices are:

  • a) 1 Month for  $11.99 per month
  • b) 6 Months for $23.99 ($3.99 per month)
  • c) 12 Months for $35.99 ($2.99 per month)

If you decide to purchase your subscription from the iOS app then the prices are:

  • a) 1 Month at $11.99
  • b) 6 Months for $47.99
  • c) 12 Months for $71.99

If you decide to purchase your subscription directly from the Android app then the prices are:

  • a) 1 Month at $11.99 
  • b) 6 Months for $47.94
  • c) 12 Months for $71.88

Betternet also lets you try their premium service before purchasing by taking advantage of the free 7-day trial.

Security and Privacy

Betternet is a solid choice that will help you in transmitting data with the use of methodologies that will initiate your communication confidentially and securely. More and more people today are working remotely, therefore, there is a need to encrypt data with the help of a selection of the best VPN. Betternet claims that it does not log, store or collect any user data.

Customer Support

Betternet VPN for windows helps you in 100% customer support in categories of steadfast speed, security, features, and guarantees. Betternet VPN proxy resolves user’s issues and the term customer support in terms of VPN is connected with giving the best VPN service covering all the aspects of good speed, security, and features.

No Logging Policy

Betternet VPN for Windows has a no-logging policy which is its biggest add on which keeps the identities of customers safe from spying eyes which was not possible earlier but due to Betternet your IP address is safe. 

100% Free

For taking advantage of all the features of the premium plan it is necessary to sign up for the required plan which will obviously involve money. So if you want to take the option of premium plans with being 100% free then Betternet for windows is the best option available.

Strong Authentication

There are various risks involved when it comes to the internet experience. Thus having a VPN and that to with strong algorithms can ensure that all the addresses of users are kept safe. A Virtual Private Network helps companies to obtain a secure and encrypted connection. With internet connection being safe the addresses are also kept safe and encrypted. With the help of a VPN, the branch employees were given access to inexpensive and easy access to corporate resources. Today almost every company is well aware of the benefits of a VPN.

There are various types of VPN in the market that will help you get access to every image, music or video with powerful and reliable security.IP vanish and Nordvpn are both splendid VPN services and the users often get confused as to which one to opt for, as the features are very similar. We have reviewed both IPvanish and NordVPN in detail and then compared them to give you a fair idea of which VPN will suit you the most.

Also, if you have decided to buy Betternet VPN, then you’ve made a nice choice. Therefore, Go ahead with our link to avail exclusive discount on the actual pricing offered by the company.

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