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Use VPN on Public WiFi

Public Wi-Fi networks are present almost everywhere. From our offices to homes to public spaces and even during normal commutation, we can find an array of open Public Wifi networks available.  There are millions of unsecured public Wifi networks around the world and they are only multiplying manifold with each passing day. It is difficult […]

Is WhatsApp safe without VPN

WhatsApp is the most popular app for instant messaging on smartphones. It is currently owned by Facebook and has gained a billion users, a user base that is growing every minute. Whatsapp singlehandedly controls the messaging app market and is the prime app for instant texting around the globe. Be it talking to friends and […]

Top VPN Speed Internet

In today’s world, there are more than three billion users operating in the digital universe of the internet. This rapid inclination in the number of internet users has been brought about due to increase in affordability, technological advancement and the ease of usage. It is impossible for the world to operate without internet in today’s […]

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