April 14, 2021

IPVanish Review for Android

IPVanish made a strong mark as a VPN service provider long before VPNs became so common and since has only been further improving its service. This is the only reason why the company has been ranked number one position since 2013. Check out the IPVanish Review for Android that can help you get access to the restricted content on the internet.

It’s an entire solution for all devices with 1,200+ servers across the entire world, serving their customers with the most secure and encrypted internet connections since 2005. IPVanish VPN for android offers a fully-featured android app. You can personalize almost anything on it. However, that also means there are more settings and options to filter through.

IPVanish VPN for android, Mac, PC and laptops are all highly compatible. The strongest VPN on the market boasts with a huge range of features that not only provide rapid speed but also allows a custom encryption level and all of the other features of a VPN connection too but does all these factors make it the best VPN in the whole market? Let’s find out!


IPVanish free trial

Best VPN for Android

There is no free trial provided by IPVanish. There are a lot of different VPNs who offer free trial before opting the plan. At IPVanish, they recommend to sign up on their website and when you sign up and buy a plan, you can actually get a 7 days money-back guarantee.  

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IPVanish coupon code and deals

VPN for Android

IPVanish VPN for android offers a discount of up to 46% on all their monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. With the deal mentioned, you can save an additional 25% off any plans. You can enjoy a full year or premium unlimited VPN at $58.49 which is just $4.87 a month. That’s a discount of 72% on the retail price of $143.88 a year. There are a lot of IPVanish coupon codes available for the service provider. You can receive an IPVanish coupon for 60%, 25%, 20% and many more. Code for 60% off coupon is HOTSEAT. For 20% off coupon code is  WF20.  



IPVanish cost

Express VPN Discount Price

IPVanish price plan varies in price according to a number of months. For instance, the plan for 1 month is  $7.50/month, plan for 3 months is $6.75/month and for 12 months 4.87%. This is a reasonable value for the features you’ll be getting, and very similar to other quality VPNs, however, you can sometimes find better deals if you sign up for a longer period. 



IPVanish not connecting

IPVanish won’t connect in Windows 10 due to the following reasons

General troubleshooting

You can try and reboot your device before starting any other apps on your computer, as this is one of the head issues why IPVanish VPN for Android won’t connect in Windows 10.

You can also check and ensure the username and password are typed correctly. Also confirm that your internet connection is working while not connected to the VPN.

Ping the VPN server

Through this, you can check whether you can reach the server you’re going to connect to by pinging it.

  • Click the Start button and then type CMD in the search bar
  • Click Command Prompt
  • Type ping 8.8.8 and press enter.

 Disable UAC

It helps you confirm if it will allow OpenVPN and PPTP connections to work. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click Start
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click on Turn User Account Control (UAC) on/off
  • Uncheck the box for Use User Account Control (UAC) and then press enter or click OK
  • Restart your device and try to connect again
  • Type UAC in the control panel search box

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