Is WhatsApp safe without VPN


WhatsApp is the most popular app for instant messaging on smartphones. It is currently owned by Facebook and has gained a billion users, a user base that is growing every minute. Whatsapp singlehandedly controls the messaging app market and is the prime app for instant texting around the globe. Be it talking to friends and family, Whatsapp has got features like video calling, group chat, voice calling and status update that makes conversing easier for the users.

VPN for WhatsApp

It has become a must-have app for smartphones.  Whatsapp has features like an end-to-end encryption system which allows its users to send and receive instant messages, pictures, and videos without having to worry about their private information being snooped. The developers at Whatsapp claim that any information that is exchanged stays only between the users. However, it is recommended to not use Whatsapp without a vpn.

How safe is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging platform has its own set of security concerns, malware threats, and spam. We have compiled a list of all WhatsApp’s security issues that will give you a reality check of how safe is whatsapp in reality.

How safe is WhatsApp

  1. Whatsapp Malware: Criminals, hackers, and scammers have developed fake Whatsapp app replicas which are actually malwares that hack into the installer’s devices. This is all done to take advantage of the popularity of Whatsapp. 
  2. Unencrypted chat back-ups: The chats on Whatsapp may be end to end encrypted but the backup that is created on the iOS  and Android is not secure and has the potential of being misused. 
  3. Weak encryption: Even the end-to-end encryption is not enough as this too is breachable and the chats can be snooped in.
  4. Hacking attempts: With the popularity rising hackers have taken a special interest in this app and are trying to hack into the user’s encrypted chats.

Does WhatsApp use data exchanged by its users?

WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook after acquiring the messaging app from its  original founders. Facebook has been in the news for all sorts of data breaches and security threats over the years. It is an allegation that Facebook monitors and surveillance the users and the data is  shared to a third party at some point. There is no actual guarantee that things are any different for Whatsapp users.

So, is whatsapp safe? It is really difficult to actually measure the level of security but Whatsapp does have a strong potential of getting hacked and your data being misused. In such a case, what can one do to protect their privacy on Whatsapp? Here is where a VPN steps in. When a user uses a VPN, the VPN software creates a tunnel through which all of your data is protected. Thus the user does not have to deal with data being monitored and third party breaches. 

Here we have listed the best whatsapp VPN that you can use to secure your data: 


nordvpn best vpn

NordVPN is an ultra-fast proxy whatsapp vpn  that encrypts your browser data and hides your IP address thereby keeping you completely anonymous online. It is User-friendly for PC, Mac, iOS & Android (with ad-blocker) and Works with Netflix, BBC iplayer. It offers P2P & torrenting on multiple servers. 


Private VPN Review

PrivateVPN is an incredibly fast whatsapp vpn  and also has splendid privacy services.It however has a small server network compared to the top-tier providers in the market. Privatevpn allows up to 5 simultaneous connections and has no limitation for protocol usage. The company refuses to keep logs of their customers’ online data.


Purevpn compatibility

Purevpn began with a two server service but now operates on an excellent number; there are more than 2000 purevpn servers that are available in 180 countries. There are more than 300,000 IP addresses and it offers a 3-day unrestricted trial with a $ 2.5 trial account with no data or bandwidth caps. This trial has every feature unlocked so that you can get a complete experience of the software. You can from the link that can be availed from their official website.


ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN’s plugin is one of the fastest whatsapp vpn  in the market. It does not keep a log of your browser history and is fast and reliable. It works on multiple platforms and is user friendly for multiple operating systems.

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost has quickly earned a top position in the list of whatsapp vpn  softwares in the market. It is a promising VPN with really fast speed. It has no IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks and is user-friendly for PC, Mac, iOS & Android.

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