June 16, 2021
nordvpn review

NordVPN Review – Is NordVPN Safe

We live in a digital world where the need for a secure and strong VPN is rising everyday but everytime one thought comes in mind that is NordVPN safe? We put all sorts of information online, from our passwords to other important details. These details, if get in the hands of a hacker, van manipulate that data against you. 

In such a case, a reliable VPN software comes handy. NordVPN comes as a top choice as an Android VPN software and claims to be the best in the market. To save you from the effort of going through all the features one by one and analyse if it is worthy of a buy or not, we have reviewed this software and covered all the aspects. We have covered the following points: 

  • Speed and usability
  • Safety 
  • Ease of access
  • Cost

Is NordVPN Safe?

Is NordVPN Safe?

NordVPN is the most ‘secure’ out of all the VPNs we reviewed. It passes your data through two separate VPN servers and thus makes it double secure.

How is Nordvpn’s speed?

NordVPN may not be the fastest software in the market but has come a long way from its earlier sluggish version.

How to use nordvpn?

Nordvpn allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously. And using NordVPN is pretty easy. Here’s a pretty simple way to use Nord VPN.

  1. Click on the NordVPN logo and you’ll open the app
  2. Enter your email ID and make a password to register yourself
  3. In the dashboard menu, enter the servers and setting

How does nordvpn work?

NordVPN is an ultra-fast proxy VPN for Google Chrome that encrypts your browser data and hides your IP address thereby keeping you completely anonymous online. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a VPN for Windows 7 or VPN for Windows 8, NordVPN is compatible with most operating platforms.

Nordvpn won’t connect?

Nordvpn is a user-friendly software for PC, Mac, iOS & Android (with ad-blocker). It works with Netflix, BBC iplayer. P2P & torrenting permitted on multiple server. But some people have complained that nordvpn can’t connect to their devices properly. In such a case one can simply uninstall the app, reboot the device and install it  again.

NordVPN Price?

So exactly how much does nordvpn cost? Nordvpn offers a 2.99$ per month package that can be availed for 36 months at a cost of 107.6 $ , this is a reasonable price for a high-standard software. 

NordVPN comes with a 3 day free trial and lets the user get a taste of its features.

How to use nordvpn

NordVPN Deals?

Nordvpn regularly comes up with Nordvpn coupon and offers that give a huge discount to the users. These Nordvpn coupon code can be availed from their official website.

Are options for Nordvpn money back available?

Yes, Nordvpn has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can contact their customer support team for a money back.

Is the Nordvpn help centre helpful?

Yes the Nordvpn help centre is very helpful and will listen to and guide you on all the issues concerning the VPN service until they are resolved. They give an option of a live chat, email and a digital help centre. 

Can you download the Nordvpn openvpn config files?

Yes you can download the Nordvpn openvpn config files from their website for both TCP and UDP.

Is NordVPN Safe?

Yes one of the most secure VPN out there.

So is Nordvpn good and worth the purchase?

We have summarised the features that will help you decide if Nordvpn is suitable for you or not:

Reasons to choose NordVPN:

  1. Offers P2P & torrenting on multiple servers. 
  2. Reasonable cost
  3. Fast speed and great performance
  4. Offers more than 5000 serves in more than 60 countries. 
  5. Live chat service available plus guidance and tutorials.

Reasons not to choose NordVPN:

  1. The app is slow and moderate server connections.
  2. It has a dreadful speed in Malaysia.  



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