June 16, 2021

PureVPN Review: Free Download, Uses, Coupon, iOS

A vpn is like an extra shield that protects your online data and helps you surf and stream on the internet privately, without anyone knowing your IP address or your digital address. It can secure all your online activities by making you anonymous and masking all your private details. A vpn is so effective that even your network provider and even the local device you share your internet bandwidth with cannot get access to your data. With the blossoming of the internet there is an abundance of VPN software in the market. One of them is PureVPN. To save you from testing all the features of the application, we have done a thorough PureVPN Review and have covered all the aspects related to it such as its speed, cost, performance and compatibility. Read on and find out if the software is worth a shot or not. 

PureVPN Review

Here’s the PureVPN Review 

Purevpn was founded in 2006 by the parent company GZ Systems and is considered the largest and oldest provider of VPN services in the market.

Purevpn servers

Purevpn began with a two server service but now operates on an excellent number; there are more than 2000 purevpn servers that are available in 180 countries. There are more than 300,000 IP addresses which really reduce the risk of congestion in the servers and also guarantees high VPN performance.

Purevpn streaming services

PureVPN is a fantastic choice for a VPN if one is looking for fast, hassle-free access to all major streaming platforms. Its stream mode gives you access to over 20 top listed TV streaming services and channels. It works with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, Now TV, SlingTV, ABC, Torrenting and Kodi. It is a user-friendly application. 

PureVPN is a one-stop application for your online privacy, anonymity and WiFi security. It offers ultimate protection and safety along with an ability to surf the internet without any limitations.

PureVPN speed

PureVPN provides an unlimited VPN bandwidth coupled along with good speed. When we tested the speed Purevpn was not the fastest VPN but the speed was still decent.

PureVPN Price

We experienced a loss of 17% download speed which is not so bad. The speeds in a locale are decent enough for buffer-free streaming and smooth torrenting. All the servers on the Purevpn server list performed consistently when tested.

Purevpn free download

Purevpn offers a free installation with the most basic features. However there are packages that provide you with additional features for enhanced security.

Purevpn trial

Purevpn offers a 3-day unrestricted trial with a $ 2.5 trial account with no data or bandwidth caps. This trial has every feature unlocked so that you can get a complete experience of the software. The link can be availed from their official website

PureVPN Price

Purevpn has the following rates for their application:

PureVPN Coupon



1 Month Subscription at $ 11/month

6 Month Subscription at $ 9 / Month

1 Year Subscription at $ 5 / Month

PureVPN Coupon

The company offers regular coupons and promo codes that give up to 80% off on the software and can be availed from their official website. 

Purevpn login

To log into Purevpn is pretty easy. All you need to do is to click on the application, enter username & password and click the ‘login’ button.

Purevpn compatibility

Purevpn is compatible with almost all operating systems like Android, Mac, Linux, ios etc. You can get the link for Purevpn apk, Purevpn ios or any other platform from their website

Purevpn compatibility


Purevpn is thus a great choice on the basis of its affordability, speed and versatility. One should, thus, always keep this software as an option while choosing a vpn service. 

PureVPN Review Conclusion

So finally, we come to an end that pureVPN  is the one of the oldest and avilable in 180 countries with all the features that help you in increasing your security of all your device .


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